HAXER Wheels engineers, designs and manufactures state-of-art wheels for luxury vehicles. Quality and performance is at the essence of every product we offer to our customers. Each wheel design is unique with exceptional strength characteristics to match the demanding performance standards of modern sports cars.

Our philosophy combines three key elements that make our wheels stand out in the market.


We utilize a manufacturing process developed to achieve uncompromising wheel quality. All our products pass through rigorous testing and quality control in every step to ensure strength, safety and performance of each wheel.


Our wheel design radiates modern sportiness and timeless elegance through multi-layer surfaces and rich details. For us, wheels are more than just aesthetics – we want to ensure our products stand out from the crowd and fit into the latest automotive trends.


HAXER forged wheel meticulous engineering process allowed us to create a high strength-to-weight ratio, reduce porosity and improve the overall uniformity of the material. It ensures that our forged wheels are strong, light, fast and, of course, stunning.